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July 14, 2018

Saturday Evening Sing-Along

The sing-along on the front lawn is one of the favorite family events of camp meeting, and it is easy to see why as soon as you arrive on the campground. Families spread their chairs and blankets (but not blankets from the cabins!) all over the lawn, the cotton candy machine is fired up and turning out bundles of sugary joy, the Stompin’ Grounds coffee stand is steadily delivering caffeinated joy, and all the while, some of the most well-known hymns and Sunday school songs can be heard—songs like “Glory, Glory, Glory, Somebody Touched Me,” “Lord, I Lift Your Name on High,” and “I’ve Got a Mansion,” with bluegrass style accompaniment.

Between the group songs, several ensembles presented special numbers. A ladies’ quartet of Alicia and Kristin Lee, Jennifer Buss, and Imelda Nedelcu sang “Bread Upon the Water,” and a group of Nigerian expatriates sang a song with several verses that depicted a Bible account of Jesus healing a blind man. While they sang, about twenty people acted out the events of the song, expressing great joy as the man was healed! The audience also felt the joy and cheered as the newly sighted man went on his way rejoicing. Later attendees enjoyed a Filipino duet of“Chain Breaker,” a group of Koreans sang in their native language, and several children from some US branch church locations sang. Others contributed throughout the evening as well.

A short break from the singing came when Jack and Wendy Chasteen, from Roseburg, Oregon, held a drawing for quilts which she had made for the occasion. This year, there were three quilt winners—one from the category for adults, one from the young girls, and one from young boys—plus two winners of giant chocolate bars as an extra bonus. All of the winners were obviously quite pleased!

With little daylight left, Michael and Anne McCarville sang “It’ll Be Worth It After All” as the final song. It was a sweet ending for the evening of music, and the evening of music was a sweet ending for a wonderful camp meeting.

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Sing-Along at Portland Camp Meeting 2018