Portland News

July 13, 2019

Saturday Morning Ordinance Service

Ordination and Dedication: Darrel Lee read Titus 1:5-9 and explained that ordain means “to appoint to office,” or “arrange” and as God is the one who calls or appoints people to specific roles in His service, an ordination observance is to publicly recognize that calling. The Board members then gathered around Tony Boyce, pastor in Dallas, Oregon, and the congregation joined them in prayer for him. Also a prayer of dedication was made over three newly appointed district superintendents: Confidence Nemahungani (South Africa), Josephine McElveen (Southern and Eastern United States region) and Deivys Pichardo (Dominican Republic).

Special Solo: Kristi Riler sang “Had It Not Been.”

Lord’s Supper Sermon: Wenifred Lucero (pictured above), pastor in Raniag, Philippines, used 1 Corinthians 11:23-26 for his text, encouraging everyone to discern what Jesus did for them, reflect on God’s love for them, be committed to serve Him no matter what, and walk in all His ways until they see Jesus face to face.

Foot Washing Sermon: Josephine McElveen, District Superintendent of Southern and Eastern Churches, United States, read John 13:1-9 and explained that although the disciples did not understand why Jesus was washing their feet, especially Peter, they were obedient because they wanted to have a part with Jesus and therefore the Gospel was able to go forward with the unity of the Spirit, even reaching to our day.

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