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December 3, 2019

Senior Christmas Luncheon

The seniors of the congregation were invited to a special Christmas luncheon in the Fellowship Lodge, hosted by Dave and Rosie Lambert on Tuesday, December 3. Upon arrival at the campground, Chet King offered the most festive shuttle service in the city—train rides to the lodge entrance! It was a fun way to start the event, and Brother Chet seemed to be having the most fun of all as the conductor.

Over one hundred guests attended, and they were delighted to find the lodge beautifully decorated for Christmas. On the tables, plaid runners were off set with elegant blue chargers. Overhead, greenery was wrapped around the large chandeliers, and a grand Christmas tree stood centrally between the large windows. As the final perfect touch to set the scene, Jane Ewers and Sungun Yune played carols on the violin and cello with Janice Calhoun accompanying on the piano.

Brother Dave welcomed everyone to the luncheon, and then after a prayer, the tables were dismissed to the buffet line. The meal included honey-cured ham, roasted green beans with mushrooms and toasted almonds, creamy potato casserole, fresh fruit salad, and French bread. For dessert, individual berry crisps were served with ice cream. It was magnificent!

Throughout the meal, three door prize drawing were held. The winners—Dorothy Hansen, Eric Redden, and Howard and Linda Spinas—each went home with a basket of Christmas goodies prepared by Sumin Wolfe. At the conclusion of the meal, Brother Dave wished everyone a merry Christmas and gave each attendee a present: a warm fleece throw blanket. Nolan Roby gave a closing prayer before everyone was dismissed. By all accounts, the afternoon was a beautiful start to the happiest time of the year!

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2019 Portland Senior Christmas Luncheon