Portland News

February 2, 2020

Sunday Evening Ordinance Service

Prelude: Brian Ewers played “Holy, Holy, Holy” and “Come, Christians, Join to Sing” on the violin. Then the choir sang “A Healing Stream.”

Last Special: Butch Carey (pictured above) sang “I’ve Been to Calvary.”

Lord’s Supper Sermon: Steve Mixer read 1 Corinthians 11:23-26 for his text, bringing out that the Lord’s Supper is a time to look back and remember the sacrifice Jesus made at Calvary, while looking forward to when He will come again.

Foot Washing Sermon: Darrel Lee took his text from John 13:3-17, and pointed out that Jesus’ example in washing His disciples’ feet is a lesson to all Christians that they are called to serve one another.

To conclude the ordinance service, a young men’s quartet sang “When I Move.”

Watch the full service in the Media Center.