Portland News

February 17, 2019

Sunday Evening Ordinance Service

Prelude: Janice Calhoun played “O Lord, You’re Beautiful,” on the piano. The choir followed with “I Plead the Blood.” (The prelude was not webcast.)

Last Special: As Arthur Ruiz sang “Written in Red (I Love You),” with “Hallelujah, Praise the Lamb,” Clark Wolfe and Erik Calhoun brought out the emblems for the Lord’s Supper (pictured above).

Lord’s Supper Sermon: Dayle Lee read from Luke 22:7-20, speaking on the importance of remembering Christ’s sacrifice. He brought out that although there is sadness attached to Calvary, no one can pay the price of his own redemption – it took the Blood of Christ, and in remembering the price He paid, we honor Him.

Foot Washing Sermon: Bob Downey used John 13:1-17 for his text, reminding those present that they will be blessed when following Jesus’ example of washing one another’s feet, and as they do this, praying for one another, they will experience a special bond of love.

Concluding special: Shelby Warberg and Victoria Heintz sang “I Will Trust in You.”

Watch the full service in the Media Center.