Portland News

June 23, 2019

Sunday Evening Service

Prelude: Janice Calhoun and Sungun Yune played a piano/keyboard duet of “Down from His Glory.” Then Peter Moberg and Christina Larrechea (pictured above) sang “The Heart of Worship.”

Featured Testimonies: Maya Nedelcu stated that she was sanctified the week before camp meeting two years ago, and the following week, during camp meeting, the Lord filled her with His Holy Spirit. Milton O’Neil testified that June 18, 1961, in Medford, Oregon, he prayed and God made a change in his life. The following Sunday night he was sanctified, and two weeks later, during camp meeting, he was baptized. Terri Hopkins remembered how she and her husband came to camp meeting many years ago, newly married and with no money, and the Lord provided for their needs. She declared that sometimes being poor can make you very rich because you learn to depend on God.

First Special: The choir sang “Redeemed Medley.”

Last Special: Gary and Kristi Riler sang “All of Me.”

Sermon: John Musgrave preached from Matthew 9:35-38, comparing camp meeting to a busy harvest time, saying the Lord wants to raise up laborers to work in His harvest.

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