Portland News

July 12, 2020

Sunday Evening Service

Prelude: A brass ensemble played “Amazing Grace,” and “Greater Is He.”

Scripture Reading: Darrel Lee read Psalm 37:1-6.

Special: A young ladies’ quartet sang “There’s Still Power in the Blood.”

Testimony: Savannah Lee told how the Lord saved her about thirteen years ago in a children’s church service at camp meeting. She had been struggling, wanting to be saved but fearful that she wouldn’t know when it happened. She is thankful that when the Lord did save her, she had complete assurance in her heart that she had been saved.

Special: Gary Riler, Michael McCarville, and Chris Luka sang “Sheltered in the Arms of God.”

Testimony: Gary Riler stated that his first testimony was given in the tabernacle at camp meeting, shortly after he received his baptism. Several months before that, the Lord had saved him, and then sanctified him, making such a change in his life that people did not even recognize him. He gave thanks for the many prayers he has seen answered in the tabernacle, the church, and even his home.

Special: Diana Lambert sang “Think About His Love.”

Sermon: Olusola Adesope (pictured above), pastor in Pullman, Washington, read 2 Timothy 3:14 and encouraged everyone to continue in this glorious Gospel. Salvation starts the journey, and then Christians must continue in doctrine, unity, and fellowship.

Special: Michael McCarville sang “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus.”

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