Portland News

March 24, 2019

Sunday Evening Service

Prelude: Janice Calhoun played a piano solo which included “Meditation” and “Wonderful Grace of Jesus.” Emmaline Worthington, Victoria Heintz, and Julianne Luka then sang “Power to Redeem,” with Andrea Gaston accompanying on the guitar.

Featured Testimonies: Ade Asaya (pictured above) was thankful that the Lord has been good to her family and shared that when her little girl broke her arm, He healed it, and when another daughter had appendicitis, He took care of that as well. Cliff Paulsen told how the Lord saved him at the age of fourteen, and he still has victory today. Donna Copko expressed appreciation for the faithfulness of the saints and how they have been a help to her and her family, saying that she also wants to be found faithful. Dianna Erdmann rehearsed how her family was invited to Sunday school after they arrived in America, which led to her salvation, and now she and her husband are raising their family in the Gospel.

First Special: The choir sang “Ring the Bells of Heaven.”

Last Special: Caleb Copko sang “Well Done,” accompanied by Andrea Gaston on the guitar.

Sermon: Taking Luke 15:11-13 for his text, Clark Wolfe used the account of the Prodigal Son to warn against the deception and dangers of sin, but also assuring his listeners that God is gracious and full of mercy, willing to forgive.

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