Portland News

April 7, 2019

Sunday Evening Service

Prelude: A brass quartet (pictured above) played “All Your Anxiety” and “When We All Get to Heaven.” The choir followed with “When We All Get Together with the Lord.”

Featured Testimonies: Shawn Worthington testified that he was saved at the age of five. When he was thirteen, he made a decision to stay with the Gospel, and the Lord has kept him and guided his life. Jim Snider shared how the Lord has led him in his employment decisions over the years, helping him to gain the skills he needed at the right time, which prepared him for upcoming jobs. Shelby Warberg told how the Lord grounded her at age seventeen, helping her make the decision to stick with Him, and provided her a friend (now her husband) who would also stick with Him. Debbie Lee spoke of her Christian heritage and of learning to seek God’s help in making life decisions, saying that the Lord blessed her decisions when she trusted Him.

First Special: A mixed quartet sang “I Would Follow Jesus.”

Last Special: Deborah Brenner sang “Your Great Name.”

Sermon: Erik Calhoun preached from 1 Samuel 15:22, informing his listeners that of all the things they can give to the Lord, what He desires most is simple obedience.

Watch the full service in the Media Center.