Portland News

May 12, 2019

Sunday Evening Service

Prelude: Jaewon Yune played “Concerto in E Minor” on the violin.Then the choir sang “God Says You’re Gonna Make It.”

Featured Testimonies: Ellen Morgan was thankful the Lord saved her in a young people’s service at Midwest camp meeting when she was a young woman. Caitlyn Ross shared how God gave her peace after a difficult loss a few months ago, and also provided financially when she and her husband were faced with large medical expenses. Jeremy Heintz told how after asking questions of his mom as a child, she prayed with him and his sister and both of them were saved. Austin Baltzell thanked God for never giving up on him, and helping him with every decision he makes.

First Special: Ellen and Ashley Morgan and Caitlyn Ross (pictured above) sang “New Shoes.”

Last Special: Arthur Ruiz sang “Jesus Can Change Your Life.”

Sermon: Chet King took his text from Joshua 1:16-18 and 6:1-5, speaking about Rahab and saying that when she trusted God and stepped out on faith, her actions changed her own life, the future of her family, and history.

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