Portland News

March 21, 2021

Sunday Evening Service

Prelude: Josh Friesen played “Trusting Jesus” and “O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing” on the trumpet.

Testimony: Diana Lambert was thankful the Lord saved her when she was only four years old, and sanctified her around age nine. Recently the Lord helped her make another consecration, and gave her peace when she told Him she was willing to give it to Him.

First Special: Holly and Diana Lambert sang “Amazing Love.”

Testimony: Marianne Tarpo mentioned growing up in a home with a lot of unhappiness, but through her Christian grandmother and attending church with a friend from school, she learned about salvation. Shortly after graduation she was saved, and then her boyfriend was as well. They married a year later, and God has given them a happy marriage for forty-seven years.

Last Special: Sister Diana sang “Born in Zion.”

Sermon: Steve Mixer (pictured above) used Matthew 21:9-11 for his text, exhorting his listeners to be fully committed to the Gospel, and to do as Jesus instructed by denying themselves, taking up their cross, and following Him.

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