Portland News

March 28, 2021

Sunday Evening Service

Prelude: Violinist Jane Ewers (pictured above) played “Ashokan Farewell” and “The Holy City.”

Testimony: Sherry Chen testified how a case of insomnia brought her to the Lord. A scary incident happened one night when she couldn’t sleep, and when God showed her that His hand had been over her in that situation, as well as throughout her life, she surrendered her heart to Him.

First Special: Peter Moberg and Ashley Morgan sang “Yes, I know.”

Testimony: Rod Tarpo said God saved him when he was seventeen, and in the forty-nine years since then, he has experienced God’s protection many times. He recounted a time when he had been working under a thirty-thousand-pound tractor, but left to run an errand. As he returned, the tractor fell off the jack it had been propped up on, and he realized it would have crushed him if God had not intervened. He praised God for sparing his life.

Last Special: Sister Ashley sang “Broken and Spilled Out.”

Sermon: Gary Riler took his text from Luke 19:41-44, using the example of Jesus’ Triumphal Entry, and said people still seek Jesus for various reasons, and those who are willing to fully commit their hearts will find answers.

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