Portland News

October 6, 2019

Sunday Evening Service

Prelude: The youth orchestra played “Glorify Thy Name” and “Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus.” The choir then sang “He Reigns Forever.”

Featured Testimonies: Austin Baltzell was thankful that even when things don’t go the way he planned, God has a much better plan; he can trust God and there’s no reason to worry or fear. Julianne Luka shared how the Lord saved her about two years ago when she was in a low place, doubting God even existed and feeling alone. Annika Ewers gave thanks for her Christian friends at school, and also for God’s protection as she drives to school as a new driver. Riley Friesen remembered how he went through a difficult time a couple years ago and had to lean on God because there was nowhere else to turn, but now he is thankful for that experience and what he learned.

First Special: Emmaline and Mikayla Worthington and Victoria Heintz sang “Victory in Jesus.”

Last Special: The choir sang “Jesus Saves.”

Sermon: Wayne Butler used John 1:1-5 and Genesis 1:1-5 for his message on God’s love for His greatest creation, mankind, telling how Jesus was willing to lay down His life to restore the beauty that sin had marred.

Watch the full service in the Media Center.