Portland News

November 24, 2019

Sunday Evening Service

Prelude: A trumpet trio of Randy Baltzell, Josh Friesen, and Justin Green played “Dwelling in Beulah Land” and then the choir sang “I’m Redeemed Medley.”

Featured testimonies: Diana Lambert said she is thankful that she gave her heart to the Lord at the young age of four, when she was too young to overthink things, and before life got complicated. Rosie Lambert said that she was also saved at a young age, and God sanctified, and baptized her, as well as healed her youngest daughter when she was diagnosed with a fatal incurable disease. Phyllis Waddell was thankful for a touch from the Lord after being sick for several weeks. Carol Englund testified that at age fourteen, she was invited to an Apostolic Faith service and heard victorious testimonies, which rang true with her and she repented and was saved. Her parents opposed the change in her life, even threatening to send her to JDH if she tried to attend church, but God was faithful to intervene, and she was allowed to attend. Gayle Warberg thanked the Lord for saving her seven years ago, and said when God’s Spirit came into her heart at salvation she received a joy and peace that is still present today.

First Special: Rosie, Diana, and Holly Lambert, (pictured above) sang “I Found It All.”

Last Special: Imelda and Maya Nedelcu sang “I’m Listening.”

Sermon: Clark Wolfe took his text from Romans 6:20-21, and said that trying to live right without Jesus only results in being ashamed of one’s actions while yielding to God results in being delivered from sin and shame.

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