Portland News

March 12, 2017

Sunday Evening Service

Prelude: The orchestra played “There’s Room at the Cross” and “Testimony Medley.” The choir, with soloist Deborah Brenner, followed by singing “Joy in My Heart,” accompanied by the orchestra.

Featured Testimonies: Moriah Copko said March 8 was the nineteenth anniversary since a car hit her and she should have been killed, but the Lord performed a miracle and today she only has a tiny scar. Caleb Copko told how before his eighteenth birthday, the Lord cornered him up and he admitted he wasn’t saved, and after praying by his parent’s bedside God saved his soul. Gertrude Engle gave thanks for how close the Lord has been throughout the past month as she suffered with pain. Olulana Alofa said he prayed when he was only eleven and God saved him. Later God sanctified and baptized him with the Holy Ghost, and he knows he is ready for the Rapture. Donna Copko told how as a child she claimed to be saved, but could not say when the Lord saved her, so during revival meetings she prayed a simple prayer and God came into her heart.

First Special: Caleb and Moriah Copko sang “Redeemer.”

Last Special: Randy Kaady, accompanied by Susan Anderson on the violin, sang “I Bowed on My Knees and Cried Holy.”

Sermon: Donald Fittin (pictured above) from Van Buren, Arkansas, used Deuteronomy 4:29 as his text and said that God has promised He will be found if you seek for Him with all of your heart.

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