Portland News

January 12, 2020

Sunday Evening Service

Prelude: A trumpet trio of Rob Moen, Josh Friesen, and Justin Green played “Lead Me to Calvary” and “When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder.” The choir then sang “I Don’t Know Why.”

Featured Testimonies: Sam Ajayi was thankful that when he had a health crisis in December, God was there and brought him through. Shade Ajayi was also thankful for God’s help in their recent difficult time, and that He spared her husband’s life. Earl Phillips remembered the night that the Lord saved him many years ago, and that same night also saved the young lady who would later become his wife. Rosie Lambert gave thanks for God’s faithfulness throughout her life, including being raised in a Christian home, saving her at age four, and keeping her since then.

First Special: Rebecca, Marcus, and Julianne Luka sang “Thanks.”

Last Special: Caleb Copko sang “Emmanuel.”

Sermon: Reading from John 9:24-33, Gary Riler (pictured above) spoke on the importance of having a powerful personal testimony, and of sharing it with others.

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