Portland News

January 19, 2020

Sunday Evening Service

Prelude: Josh Friesen played a trumpet solo of “Amazing Grace.” The choir followed, singing “Heavenly Medley.”

Featured Testimonies: Kristin Lee testified that she was raised in the Gospel but needed to know for herself that it was true, so she prayed one evening and afterward God revealed Himself to her in an undeniable way, and then He saved her at camp meeting that year. Dave Green (pictured above) said several months ago, he reminded God of an unanswered prayer and felt immediately that it would be answered, and just a few hours later, it was. Debbie Hinkle shared how God saved her at age twelve, and a year later, He brought her to this church and sanctified her. Shirley Johnson told how God saved her after she graduated from high school, and she is thankful she chose to serve God; it has been a good path. Hunter McCarville said there was a time when the devil troubled him with the question “Is God real?” but he finally he realized that if the devil was trying to get him to reject God, then they are both real.

Last Special: Michael McCarville sang “Your Grace Still Amazes Me.”

Sermon: Taking his text from Acts 18:24-26, John Musgrave spoke of the need to obtain true salvation in order to begin the spiritual race, and then to press on toward the final goal of Heaven.

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