Portland News

April 2, 2017

Sunday Evening Service

Prelude: Sungun Yune played “My Jesus, I Love Thee” on the organ. The choir sang “We Are Still the Church.”

Baby Dedication: Shawn and Polina Witham requested the dedication of their daughter Nora Jane. Darrel Lee began by reading Deuteronomy 4:32 and spoke of the responsibility of parents to share with their children the mighty acts of God that they have seen and experienced. The parents sang “Every Mother’s Prayer,” followed Brother Darrel leading everyone in prayer for Nora (pictured above). 

Featured Testimonies: Shawn Witham testified about gaining a new understanding of his relationship with his heavenly Father when he became a father, and of his need for God’s help as a parent. Polina Witham was thankful for a smooth pregnancy and delivery, as well as help from family after the birth of her second daughter. Laura Moberg remembered right after her son Eli was born, she got very sick and they didn’t know if she would live, but her family and church members prayed and today she is healthy. Phyllis Waddell was thankful for a faithful Christian mom who took her five children to church. Paul Weaver gave thanks for God’s help recently when he had a bad reaction to an energy drink and nearly died, but the Lord helped him get to the hospital just in time.

Last Special: Barry Morgan sang “On the Cross of Calvary.”

Sermon: Using Hebrews 11:1-6 for his text, Sam Ajayi spoke on the importance of faith in a person’s life, stating that it is a person’s most valuable asset.

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