Portland News

February 9, 2020

Sunday Evening Service

Prelude: The orchestra played “Goodness and Mercy” and “Happiness Is the Lord.” The choir followed with “I’ll Put on a Crown.”

Featured testimonies: Larry Montgomery (pictured above) told how as a young person he had wanted to wait until he was old to get saved, but he is thankful the Lord got ahold of his heart and saved him at age twenty-seven and made a wonderful change in his life. Gordon Sletmoe shared that he had a serious health issue a couple weeks ago, but the Lord gave him peace and brought him through; he was thankful for the prayers of the saints. Trina Ruiz told how years ago she'd had a problem with her wrist and the doctor said she needed to quit playing the violin and the piano, but the Lord healed her and she is still able to play today. Julianne Luka remembered how she had wanted to quit playing the piano after a couple years because she struggled with stage fright, but she is thankful her parents encouraged her to continue, and recently she learned she may be able to earn her tuition by playing for the school choir.

Last Special: Jillian Luka sang “Who You Say I Am,” accompanied by Andrea Gaston on the guitar.

Sermon: John Musgrave preached from Luke 9:57-62, describing what it means to be a true disciple of Jesus, including being committed, making the Gospel one’s first priority, and being loyal to God alone.

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