Portland News

March 1, 2020

Sunday Evening Service

Prelude: The orchestra played “Amazing Grace” and “Jesus in My Heart Medley.” Then the choir, accompanied by the orchestra, sang “I’ve Never Gotten Over Gettin’ Saved,” featuring a male quartet.

Featured Testimonies: Emmaline Worthington was thankful for God’s guidance, explaining that recently she was applying to colleges and felt inclined to discontinue the process with one of them, and then she learned that college would soon close. Greg Bishop shared how, during the Portland special meetings eight years ago, God baptized him with the Holy Spirit, and since then, God has helped him get through college, find a job, and decide who to marry. Heidi Sletmoe (pictured above) stated that twenty-four years ago, in a backslidden condition, she prayed, “Lord, if You will get me to the Portland special meetings, I will give You my life.” She was able to attend the meetings, and the Lord saved her.

First Special: Victoria Heintz and Emmaline Worthington sang “O’ Lord.”

Last Special: Chris Luka played guitar and sang “He Didn’t Miss a Blessing.”

Sermon: Wayne Butler, from Port Angeles, Washington, used 2 Kings 3:16-17 as his text, admitting that it takes work to dig spiritual ditches, but encouraging everyone that if they will dig the ditches, God will fill them.

Watch the full service in the Media Center.