Portland News

January 17, 2021

Sunday Evening Service

Prelude: Shawn Worthington played “Fill My Cup, Lord” and “On Jordan’s Stormy Banks” on the organ.

Testimony: Heidi Copko told how the Lord saved her at the age of eleven at a youth camp. At the 2009 camp meeting, He sanctified her, and that made a real change in her. Before, she could be very stubborn, but when the Lord sanctified her, He put a desire in her to let Him have His way even if it was not what she would want. A few years later, He filled her with His precious Holy Spirit.

Testimony: Caleb Copko spoke of how the Lord brought a homeless woman to his attention whom he had seen a number of times before. He gave her a little care package and spoke with her, and felt it was a good interaction. It was a lesson to him not to think anyone is too far gone for the Lord to reach. Brother Caleb said he wants to live in a way that shows people around him that he’s a Christian.

Special: Brother Caleb sang “God with Us.”

Sermon: Roth Mom (pictured above) brought the message from Luke 2:4, urging everyone to continue moving in the right direction, which is toward God rather than away from Him.

Special: Sister Heidi sang “Sweet Hour of Prayer.”

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