Portland News

July 14, 2019

Sunday Evening Service

Prelude: The orchestra played “He the Pearly Gates Will Open,” “I’m Feeling Fine,” and “Goodbye, World, Goodbye.” Following this the choir sang, “We Have Won.”

Featured Testimonies: Joseph Lamidi (pictured above) told how it looked like the doors were closing for him to come to camp meeting this year, so he prayed for the Lord’s will and felt the Lord said to pray for camp meeting. After he did that, the doors opened for him to come. Ade Asaya shared that she sought her baptism for a long time, and is thankful that when she asked the Lord for help, He sent someone to pray with her. Beverly Osunkwo rejoiced that she received her sanctification on Saturday. Justin Green shared that when seeking his baptism it felt like a big mountain, and that he had to be a perfect human to receive it, but when he really felt his need for it, the Lord came down and wonderfully filled him with the Holy Spirit. Ngozi Osueke gave thanks that she has had forty-one years of a glorious walk with the Lord. Ethan Downey thanked God for saving him in 2015 at Midwest camp meeting, sanctified him two years later, and anytime life gets tough, he can go to Him.

First Special: The Canaan Bound quartet sang “John Saw.”

Last Special: Victoria Heintz sang “Take Your Harp Down.”

Sermon: Andy Chasteen, from Medford, Oregon, used John 3:1-3 for his text, using the example of Zacchaeus as well as several others, and said, like them, God has a record of each person today – what will be written? He encouraged all to make haste like Zacchaeus and answer the call of Jesus.

Watch the full service in the Media Center.