Portland News

May 24, 2020

Sunday Evening Service

Prelude: A trombone ensemble played “Keep on the Firing Line” and “I Want to Be There.”

Scripture Reading: Dave Lambert read Psalm 24:1-5.

Special: A mother and daughter sextet sang “Great Is the Lord.”

Testimony: Julianne Luka (pictured above) was thankful the Lord saved her two years ago when she was in a very dark place, and that He has been with her in every situation.

Special: The sextet sang “I Will Sing Medley.”

Testimony: Janelle Parker, visiting from Woodlake, California, said she is thankful that she had praying parents, and that God saved her when she was thirteen years old. She said that in the past forty-three years, she has gone through many things, but God has been there and kept her through it all.

Special: Rosie and Diana Lambert sang “I Just Want to Know You.”

Sermon: Byron Parker, the pastor in Woodlake, read Nahum 1:15 for his text, and brought out that this verse encourages Christians to obey and trust in God, hold steady in their walks with Him, and perform the consecrations they have made.

Last special: Savannah Lee sang “He’s Always Been Faithful.”

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