Portland News

July 16, 2017

Sunday Evening Service

Prelude: The orchestra played “People Need the Lord” and “Power in the Blood.” The orchestra then accompanied the choir as they sang “God Says You’re Gonna Make it.”

Featured Testimonies: Christianah Sauni rejoiced that she was healed during the foot washing service on Saturday. Sasha Burton (pictured above) shared that when her husband was extremely sick recently, the Lord laid it on her heart to consecrate her husband to Him, and God helped them through that difficult time. Christianah Ajauaku said she was sick to the point of death, and had gone to many physicians with no help, but God healed her. Jane Ewers told how the Lord saved her as a child and led her to play the violin, and she is happy to play for Him. Randy Antalon said since the Lord saved, sanctified, and baptized him life has never been the same. Simeon Bamgbaye gave thanks for his godly heritage, and said he is thankful for God’s protection as he travels a lot.

First Special: Darla and Dan Hall and Deborah Brenner sang “He Already Sees.”

Last Special: Butch Carey sang “I Present You to Jesus.”

Sermon: Wayne Butler used Revelation 12:10-11 as his text, speaking on God’s overcoming power that is available to meet every need.

Watch the full service in the Media Center.