Portland News

June 21, 2020

Sunday Evening Service

Prelude: The prelude was a brass quartet playing “A Closer Walk” and “When We All Get to Heaven.”

Scripture Reading: Dave Lambert read James 2:14-20 and verse 26.

Special: Chris and Marcus Luka sang “In the Arms of Sweet Deliverance.”

Testimony: Rob Moen told of kneeling at a metal chair at youth camp and getting saved just before he went into high school. He gave thanks for his faithful father who raised him in this Gospel, and mentioned special prayers made for him by the saints in India that he would also be a father. God heard those prayers and he is grateful for two healthy boys.

Special: Joseph and Sam Asaya sang “Cleanse Me.”

Testimony: Joseph Asaya gave praise for being raised in a Christian home and that he received salvation, sanctification, and the baptism of the Holy Ghost at camp meeting in 1991. He gave thanks for how the Lord has planned out his life. He would feel the Lord’s presence as his parents prayed for him when he would travel for work or schooling, and he now prays for his children for that same protection.

Special: Butch Carey sang “The Choice Is Mine.”

Sermon: Tom Pricskett read Exodus 7:13-14, and said God’s will is for Christians to stay focused on things of spiritual value, like the living Word of God. It is needful to have a receptive heart to respond to God’s voice and leading in one’s life.

Special: Arthur Ruiz sang “How Long Has It Been?”

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