Portland News

September 10, 2017

Sunday Evening Service

Prelude: The string section of the orchestra, led by violinist Jane Ewers, played “As the Deer” and “Great Is the Lord.” Then the choir sang “Ring the Bells of Heaven.”

Featured testimonies: Debbie Lee testified that she lost her keys recently but after several days, the Lord brought to her mind where to find them. Rosemary Worthington told how when she prayed at age nine, God saved her and took away her stubborn attitude. Avery Burn thanked God for saving her at the Portland camp meeting this year. Kathy Green shared that four years ago she was diagnosed with cancer, but the Lord was with her through it all and today she is cancer free. Sandy Cripps (pictured above) thanked God for saving her six months ago and teaching her to lean on Him during trials.

First Special: A ladies’ quartet sang “The Glory Land Way.”

Last Special: A men’s choir sang “In Times Like These.”

Sermon: Trent Paulsen opened his message with Psalm 8:4, making a comparison between those who think too highly of themselves and those who have too low of an opinion, and then bringing out a person’s value in God’s view.

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