Portland News

August 23, 2020

Sunday Evening Service

Prelude: A young ladies’ string quartet played “Grace Greater than Our Sin” and “Redeemed.”

First Special: Rob, Alicia, and Henry Parker sang “I Know My God Can Do It.”

Testimony: Alicia Parker thanked God for saving her at a very young age, and also for keeping her through these difficult times.

Testimony: Henry Parker was thankful for the privilege to participate in the music at church, and that the Lord helped him to re-commit his life to God recently.

Testimony: Rob Parker told how strange it has seemed not to be in church over the past few months. He misses the fellowship and doesn’t want to take church services for granted.

Last Special: Jennifer Worthington (pictured above) sang “What a Day That Will Be.”

Sermon: Erik Calhoun preached from Matthew 24:36-42, speaking of the signs of the end times. He read a list of the end times events that have happened in this past century and spoke of how they are occurring more frequently lately. Jesus warned that His coming would happen as a “thief in the night.” Brother Erik encouraged each listener to be prepared and watching.

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