Portland News

September 6, 2020

Sunday Evening Service

Prelude: Chris Luka played “The Love of God” and “Brethren, We Have Met to Worship” on the trombone.

Testimony: Gary Wolfe said he was born with some physical problems that required five surgeries. The church people prayed, and fifty-nine years ago, God healed him. God saved his soul fifty years ago and since then has been his Healer, Guide, and Comfort.

First Special: Chris, Jillian, Julianne, and Marcus Luka sang “I Can Almost Hear the Sound of the Trumpet.”

Testimony: Chris Luka (pictured above) told how his uncle and family moved from Illinois to Los Angeles, California, where they heard about the experience of sanctification. Through that, his grandpa was saved and his dad was raised in the Gospel. Brother Chris remembers his dad telling him to make prayer a priority in his life, and he is thankful that he can take everything to God in prayer.

Last Special: Gary Wolfe sang “His Love.”

Sermon: Tom Pricskett read Genesis 1:26-27 for his text, bringing out that God made mankind in His own likeness so that they would honor Him. He encouraged the congregation to fulfill God’s purpose in their lives, and look to Him for every need.

Watch the full service in the Media Center.