Portland News

January 31, 2021

Sunday Evening Service

Prelude: Erik Calhoun played a bassoon solo which included “In the Presence of Jehovah” and “How Majestic Is Thy Name.”

First Special: Darla and Cheyenna Hall and Deborah Brenner sang “I Could Never Praise Him Enough.”

Testimony: Jim Snider said his dad was an atheist, but his mom picked berries and beans to send him to a religious school. However, in the church he attended, people didn’t talk about what God was doing in their lives. Eventually he stopped going, and ended up getting involved in drugs and alcohol. When he was nineteen years old, he prayed for God’s guidance in a career decision and felt that the Lord answered his prayer. In about two years’ time, God led him to the Apostolic Faith Church where he received salvation and his life was completely changed.

Last Special: Cheyenna Hall (pictured above) sang “In Christ Alone.”

Sermon: Gary Riler used Acts 24:24-25 for his text, warning of the dangers of procrastination. He advised the unsaved and the saved alike to heed God’s call right away, whether to repentance or service. He said if a person delays, it doesn’t get any easier or more convenient to answer God’s call. The best time is now.

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