Portland News

February 25, 2018

Sunday Evening Service

Prelude: A serenaders' group played “The God of the Mountain,” “God Leads Us Along,” “Come, Thou Fount,” and “I Feel Like Traveling On.” Shelby Warberg, Michael McCarville, and Moriah Copko then sang “Goodbye, World, Goodbye,” accompanied by the serenaders.

Featured Testimonies: Nikita Jones stated that she is thankful she can go to the Lord anytime she needs Him, and He is always there for her. Sabrina Stewart told how she had been having knee problems, but recently after praying she got up and her knee felt fine and has not hurt since. Earl Phillips shared how miserable he felt one February many years ago when he was a young man under Holy Ghost conviction, but then the Lord saved him and that March was a wonderful month! Sherrie Buckland (pictured above) said that recently doctors found spots on her lung and adrenal gland, but everyone prayed for her, and her last medical tests came back good.

First Special: The choir sang “Traveling On.”

Last Special: Norman and Dan Hall sang “Then I Met the Master.”

Sermon: Using Acts 27:29 for his text, Chet King recounted some of Paul’s life and said that like Paul, Christians today can have peace in the midst of the storms around them, and still give a cheerful testimony.

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