Portland News

May 6, 2018

Sunday Evening Service

Prelude: Shawn Worthington played an organ solo of “In the Garden,” and “We Will Glorify.” The choir followed with “Deeper, Deeper.”

Featured Testimonies: Anna Ross (pictured above), who along with her husband Terry was visiting from our church in Medford, Oregon, expressed her gratitude for the blessings that come with serving God, including her happy marriage, and for her son who was just married the day prior and desires to continue serving the Lord with his wife. Terry Ross told what a good Friend God has been to him and said He always lives up to His promises. Edna Musgrave said that although she was born and raised in the Gospel, she didn’t always appreciate it, but she is thankful the Lord drew her back and forgave her sins.

First Special: Shelby Warberg, Michael McCarville, and Moriah Copko sang “There’s a Great Day Comin'.”

Last Special: Caleb Copko sang “And He's Ever Interceding.”

Sermon: Rehearsing the account of the rich young ruler from Matthew 19:16-22, Steve Mixer encouraged his listeners to approach God with an attitude of expectancy, as the young ruler did. Unlike the young ruler, they must make sure that serving the Lord is at the top of their priority list.

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