Portland News

May 13, 2018

Sunday Evening Service

Prelude: Andrea Gaston played, “My Savior’s Love” on the cello. The choir then sang “We Are More than Conquerors.”

Featured Testimonies: Azaria Charles was thankful for her mother, who was an example of a virtuous woman in her home, and now she wants to emulate what her mother showed her. Shelby Warberg gave thanks for the Christian examples of her parents, and that she is ready for Heaven. Sandy Cripps told how she prayed for the Lord to watch over her children, and He did – most of them are saved today. Janice Calhoun shared how her mom raised her four girls in the church (her dad was saved much later), and she wanted to do as her mom, so she gave her heart to the Lord when she was young. Jeremy Heintz spoke of how God has been teaching him, first to read his Bible regularly, and now God has been encouraging him to listen to Christian music, which brightens his day.

First Special:Shelby Warberg, Savannah Lee, and Azaria Charles sang “My Jesus, I Love Thee.”

Last Special: Gary Wolfe sang “If We Could See Beyond Today.”

Sermon: John Musgrave read Psalm 136:1-3, and said each individual needs to have his or her own history with God, being able to point to spiritual victories and declare that His mercy endures forever.

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