Portland News

February 21, 2021

Sunday Evening Service

Prelude: A trumpet trio consisting of Dave Green, Rob Moen, and Josh Friesen played “Our Great Savior” and “Jesus Saves.”

Testimony: Brother Dave testified that he grew up in a “cocoon” of Christian love with parents, family, and friends who were all Christians. Although he may not have properly appreciated it at the time, he now knows that it was a safe way to grow up. He was saved in 1962, in the same month as the Columbus Day storm that caused so much damage. How thankful he is that even though there is trouble in the world, Jesus gives peace.

Special: Ashley and Ellen Morgan (pictured above) sang “Only Jesus Can Satisfy Your Soul.”

Testimony: Brother Rob gave thanks to God for His goodness, and echoed Brother Dave’s statement of being safe in a cocoon as he grew up. He mentioned that years ago his wife’s mother was in need with young children, and a Christian helped her out and invited her to church. Brother Rob is thankful that as a result of that gesture of Christian love, he met his wife, and the Lord has blessed them and gave them children when it seemed impossible.

Special: Sister Ashley sang “If That Isn’t Love.”

Sermon: Roth Mom read James 1:2-4, which says believers should “count it all joy” when they fall into temptation. He said there are the kinds of troubles people might bring upon themselves, as Adam and Eve did through eating of the forbidden fruit, and as Jonah did by refusing to preach where God told him to preach. But there are also troubles that can come to anyone regardless of personal choices. He emphasized that Christians can always trust that God will be with them in times of trouble and temptation.

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