Portland News

August 18, 2019

Sunday Evening Service

Prelude: Jaewon Yune played a medley on the violin of “I Love You, Lord” and “More Love to Thee,” followed by “Onward, Christian Soldiers.” The choir then sang “Dwelling in Beulah Land.”

Testimonies: Rosie Lambert testified that she is thankful for the miracles God has done in her life, including when He healed her younger daughter as a baby. Samuel Asaya Sr. said that he “had a little talk with Jesus” forty-six years ago that changed his life, and he is thankful for all the love and support his family has received since moving to Portland. Duane Wilson said that for the past three months, a problem was affecting his sense of peace and joy, but as he continued to pray and give it to God, he now feels peace and confidence, knowing that God will take care of the problem.

First Special: A men’s quartet sang “Just a Little Talk with Jesus.”

Last Special: Jennifer Worthington sang “Whosoever Will.”

Sermon: Taking his text from Acts 26:12-15, Bob Downey encouraged the congregation to remember the times God has answered prayer, and move forward to receive more answers from Him as they come in faith believing.

Watch the full service in the Media Center.