Portland News

July 29, 2018

Sunday Evening Service

Prelude: Janice Calhoun and David Warberg played a piano/keyboard duet of several songs, including “Come and Dine,” “He Set Me Free,” and “Looking for a City.” The choir then sang “He Is the Rock.”

First special: A men’s quartet of Barry Morgan, Norman Hall, Randy Baltzell, and Randy Kaady sang “I’ll Never Be Lonely Again.”

Testimonies: Norman Hall expressed heartfelt thanksgiving for all his blessings. Marcus Luka recalled a special prayer meeting at the 2016 youth camp when he felt sick but decided to stay after the service and pray for just five minutes. In that short time, the Lord completely healed him, and as he continued praying he received the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Emmaline Worthington said recently she had a question on her heart and felt she could not talk to anyone about it, so she asked the Lord and He gave her a clear answer. Josh Friesen gave thanks for a healing touch on Sunday, which meant he did not miss Sunday school or the first day of youth camp! Gale Warberg gave the Lord praise for being saved and sanctified, and at this year’s camp meeting receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Last special: Victoria Heintz sang “Lord, Here Am I.”

Sermon: Gary Riler read Malachi 3:6 and emphasized that God never changes; the requirements for salvation or any other experience from Him will always be the same, and man’s responsibility is to willingly come to Him and obey.

Watch the full service in the Media Center.