Portland News

August 12, 2018

Sunday Evening Service

Prelude: Sungun Yune played “I Will Sing of My Redeemer” on the organ, with Jaewon Yune on violin, then she continued with “Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus.” The choir followed, singing “There’s Still Power in the Blood.”

Featured Testimonies: Austin Baltzell was thankful for how the Lord protected and provided for him as he moved across the country and back. Caleb Copko told how the Lord cornered him up shortly before his eighteenth birthday and saved him, and he is thankful God extended that undeserved mercy to him. Erin Green shared that she developed a painful rash after her daughter was born, and it lasted for over a year, but she was prayed for several times and now it is completely gone. Taiwoo Park said his family has been living in Michigan where there was no Apostolic Faith church, but he is thankful that they are now moving to Seattle where they can enjoy attending a branch church.

First Special: Caleb and Heidi Copko sang “Your Love Defends Me.”

Last Special: Shelby Warberg sang “There’s Room at the Cross for You.”

Sermon: Dwight Baltzell read from Psalm 136:1-2, assuring his listeners that God’s mercy is present, available, and it endures forever.

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