Portland News

August 19, 2018

Sunday Evening Service

Prelude: Denise Wilson and Kristi Riler played “Like a River Glorious” and “This Little Light of Mine,” on their flutes. The choir followed with “Hallelujah, We Shall Rise.”

Featured Testimonies: Barry Morgan shared that sometimes big things come along that cause major stress, and he has had about four this year, but he is thankful he knows the Master of the wind, and that he can take every concern to Him. Dayle Lee said he wasn’t raised in a Christian home, but the Lord led him step by step to understand the Gospel and receive a real experience of salvation. Kristi Riler is thankful that even in hard times she can have the joy of the Lord in her heart.

First Special: A men’s quartet sang “Master of the Wind.”

Last Special: Butch Carey sang “It Made News in Heaven When I Got Saved.”

Sermon: Using Genesis 29:16-20 for his text, Steve Mixer exhorted his listeners to actively watch and wait for Christ’s soon return.

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