Portland News

September 30, 2018

Sunday Evening Service

Prelude:The Serenaders played “He the Pearly Gates Will Open” and “Life’s Railroad to Heaven.” A ladies’ sextet (pictured above) followed by singing “I Will Sing Medley.”

Featured Testimonies: Cliff Paulsen was thankful he yielded his life to the Lord in 1959, and said he has been blessed throughout the years since. Sylvia Phillips shared that many years ago, there was a man who used to testify that he wished the Lord would return that night, yet that thought made her uncomfortable. She said she is thankful the Lord helped her so she too can say she wishes the Lord would come tonight. Dick Mixer was thankful he was invited to church where he heard testimonies about miraculous changes God made in hearts, and eventually God made that change in his heart too. Caleb Copko told how happy he was after the Lord saved him and delivered him from fear of the Rapture.

First Special: The choir sang “Victory in Jesus.”

Last Special: Deborah Brenner sang “Part the Waters” and “I Need Thee Every Hour.”

Sermon: John Musgrave preached from John 21:1-6 on the importance of following God’s instructions, including that of receiving the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

Watch the full service in the Media Center.