Portland News

January 5, 2020

Sunday Evening Youth Service

Prelude: The youth orchestra performed “Let the Redeemed of the Lord Say So.” This was followed by the choir singing “Revelation 19.”

Testimonies: Mackenzie Ewers expressed her appreciation for how the Lord helped her through her first year of college, telling how she had felt she was failing at the start of the semester but with the Lord’s help, she ended with a perfect grade-point average. Tim Hammer shared that when he met Jesus, he found what he was looking for; he hasn’t had to look anywhere else since. Melissa Downey told how she had the privilege of being a stay-at-home mom for many years but recently felt she should go back to work, and the Lord led her to just the right job where she is able to work with someone from church. Jeff Downey was thankful for his heritage around the Apostolic Faith Church and for how the Lord has led his family in so many ways.

First special: A mixed octet (pictured above) sang “When He Calls I’ll Fly Away.”

Last special: Maya Nedelcu sang “A Living Prayer.”

Sermon: Erik Calhoun preached from Revelation 19:11 and 16 on the importance of being spiritually prepared for the imminent return of Christ.

Watch the full service in the Media Center.