Portland News

August 5, 2018

Sunday Evening Youth Service

Prelude: A bluegrass-style string ensemble (pictured above) played “Beulah Land” and “Do Lord.” The young people’s choir followed by singing “Let the Rocks Keep Silent.” The youth camp staff and campers then sang the youth camp theme song “First.”

Skit: Shyla Piper, Christi Larrechea, Alicia Parker, and Maria Green demonstrated how there are people who argue against the truth. Shyla Piper concluded the skit by saying, “The funny thing about truth is that it is true whether or not you believe it.”

Featured testimonies: Harmony Hinkle was thankful that God saved her on Monday night at youth camp. Colton McCarville testified that Monday evening at youth camp the Lord saved him, and on Thursday night He sanctified him. Wondi Lesher was happy he could go to youth camp and was thankful the Lord sanctified him on Thursday. Tyler Green said that a sermon on Monday night encouraged him to pray and it was a wonderful feeling when God came into his heart and saved him. Delores Mathews was thankful for the privilege to go to youth camp and help in the kitchen, and was especially thankful the Lord answered her prayer and supplied needed strength for working long hours.

First Special: A young ladies’ ensemble sang “My Feet Are On the Rock.”

Last Special: Sawyer Parker and Mattias Tonning sang “Chain Breaker.”

Sermon: Clark Wolfe preached from Matthew 6:33 about seeking God and offered four S’s to help one’s walk with God be successful: Speak to God (pray); Separate yourself from worldly distractions; Surround yourself with like-minded people; and Seek God’s will.

Watch the full service in the Media Center.