Portland News

April 19, 2020

Sunday Evening Youth Service

Prelude: A trio of Shawn Worthington on the piano, Andrea Gaston on the guitar, and David Warberg on the keyboard played “How Great Is Our God” and “Goodbye, World, Goodbye,” with “Moving Up to Gloryland.”

Scripture Reading: Erik Calhoun read Isaiah 40:28-31.

Special: Sophia and Joseph Sobol sang “Chain Breaker.”

Special: David and Shelby Warberg sang “God Will Take Care of You.”

Testimonies: David Warberg (pictured above) said that although he did not grow up hearing about the Gospel, he came to the Apostolic Faith Church when he was sixteen and God saved him. He is thankful God kept him through high school and college, and that God saved his mom a few years ago. Shelby Warberg said she is thankful that she was born in a Christian home and saved at a young age, and her desire is to serve God for the rest of her life. Sophie Sobol said she is thankful for her Christian heritage, that God saved and sanctified her, and that He is helping her with her plans for college.

Special: Sophie Sobol sang “Who Am I?”

Special: Shelby Warberg sang “He Will Carry You.”

Sermon: Clark Wolfe read Matthew 19:16 for his text, bringing out that Heaven is worth any cost. He encouraged listeners to put God first in their lives and give Him their all.

Special: Emmaline Worthington sang “I Will Fear No More.”

Watch the full session in the Media Center.