Portland News

August 6, 2017

Sunday Evening Youth Service

Prelude: "Youth Camp Serenaders" (Mark Worthington, Curt Cook, Chris Luka, and Lee Vories) played “Amazing Grace” and “I’ll Fly Away.” The youth choir followed by singing “Are You Dressed for the Wedding?” The entire youth camp staff and campers then sang the theme song, “My ‘I’ is All in You.”

Skit: A skit titled “Identity” was performed by several youth camp counselors. They related that trying to find your identity in sports, music, good works, or any other temporal pursuit will always be insufficient; only through a relationship with God and identifying with Christ can one find who they are meant to be. 

Featured Testimonies: Mikayla Worthington told how God saved and sanctified her over a year ago, and Friday night during youth camp she received the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Vivian Frackiewicz was thankful she was saved two years ago, and was blessed to attend youth camp where the Lord sanctified and baptized her with His Holy Spirit. Cheyenna Hall also was thankful she received her baptism at youth camp. Tyler Green gave thanks that on Wednesday night during youth camp God sanctified him. April Rudolph shared how she was blessed to be a counselor and see some of the girls in her cabin get saved. Elizabeth Buliga told how God saved her last year at youth camp on Wednesday, and on the same date this year God sanctified and baptized her with His Holy Spirit. Christi Larrechea told what a blessing it was to have ninth grade girls in her cabin and how the Lord provided the answers she needed as questions came up during cabin devotionals.

First Special: A young ladies’ ensemble sang “I’ve Been Changed.”

Last Special: The Youth Camp Serenaders played “Bullfrogs and Butterflies,” with Curt Cook as the soloist.

Sermon: Trent Paulsen preached from Matthew 5:14-16 and said that Christians are a reflection of God’s light, and His light in them impacts those around them.

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