Portland News

June 3, 2018

Sunday Evening Youth Service

Prelude: The youth orchestra played “Days of Elijah,” then the choir sang “Big, Mighty God.”

Featured Testimonies: Katia Fedosov said the Lord saved her three years ago at camp meeting and sanctified her a year later. Annika Ewers (pictured above) was thankful that she can count on God through the hard days, and for how He guides her. Trent Paulsen shared how the Lord sanctified him at the age of seven, and he stated that serving the Lord is the best way to go. Carter Luka said he had something that he wanted God’s help with so he put in a prayer request, and now it’s not a problem anymore. Seth Morgan told how the Lord saved him eight years ago, and he is thankful to have the Lord on his side. Susie Lucescu shared that she had struggled recently with feeling like she didn’t have much worth, but the Lord showed her that she was bought with a price and is valuable to Him. Elizabeth Buliga described her experience of salvation, telling how a friend prayed with her two years ago and she felt the peace of God come over her.

First Special: A young ladies’ group sang “Stepping on the Clouds.”

Last Special: Angela Lucescu sang “Draw Me Nearer.”

Sermon: Using Ephesians 2:4-10 for his text, Bill McKibben informed the young people that they are God’s workmanship and He wants to do great things in their lives if they will open their hearts to Him.

Watch the Full service in the Media Center.