Portland News

May 13, 2018

Sunday Morning Mother’s Day Service

Mother’s Day started with a special treat in the Beginner Department—Muffins with Mom! All of the young students were invited to bring their moms or a special mother figure with them to class and were given tasty muffins, as well as some lovely flowers.

The Sunday morning service began with a violin ensemble including Jane Ewers with her son, Brian, and her three grandchildren, Marcus, Annika, and Mackenzie playing “Jesus Loves Me,” “How Beautiful,” and “Great Is the Lord.” The choir followed with a special tribute to mothers titled “Rise Up and Call Her Blessed.”

After prayer, pastor Darrel Lee recognized all the mothers in attendance, beginning with the two great-great-grandmothers: Ethel Hodson and Crysta Carrey. Next, all of the great-grandmothers were asked to join them in standing, then grandmothers, and finally mothers. The congregation sang “Family of God” while a group of young people delivered a carnation to all who were standing. To the ladies who’d had a child since last Mother’s Day, a special gift was given: a storybook called “All Creatures Great and Small” and a plush stuffed monkey.

The first musical special was a Brenner ladies’ ensemble (pictured above) including Donna Brenner with her daughters Diana and Darla, and granddaughters Kailyn and Cheyenna. They sang “I Could Never Out Love the Lord.” Following them, mother and daughter Imelda and Maya Nedelcu both testified and then sang “Your Great Name.” In her testimony, Imelda mentioned how grateful she is that God saw her desire as a young woman to serve Him and has guided her life, and she is especially thankful for a family she can serve the Lord with, including through music. Maya said she appreciates the blessing to worship God freely, which is something her grandparents could not do when they were living in Romania in the 1970s.

Darrel Lee gave the morning message using the text from Proverbs 31 which describes a virtuous woman. He said that while the Proverbs description may seem unattainable, the key is in verse 30: “a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised.” He encouraged young ladies to live in a way that would be pleasing to the Lord. For young men who hope to find a virtuous woman, they ought to make sure they are worthy of a virtuous woman by also living pleasing to the Lord. The fear of the Lord is the foundation of a blessed life and a blessed family.

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