Portland News

April 19, 2020

Sunday Morning Service

Prelude: Jaewon Yune played “In This Dark World There’s a Bright Shining Light” and “Someone Is Praying for You” on the violin, accompanied by his mother, Sungun, on the piano. He then played “Blessed Assurance.”

Scripture Reading: Darrel Lee read Ephesians 3:14-21.

Special: Michael, Ann, and Hunter McCarville sang “Think About His Love.”

Testimony: Hunter McCarville said he had faced a challenge the day before, but God brought him through, and he is thankful for the faith that God gives him every day.

Special: Kristin and Savannah Lee (pictured above) sang “All Because of God’s Amazing Grace.”

Scripture Reading: Dave Lambert read Jeremiah 14:1-9.

Special: Michael McCarville sang “Master of the Wind,” accompanying himself on the piano.

Sermon: Brother Darrel read Jeremiah 14:8 for his text, bringing out that just as Jeremiah asked God not to be a stranger to Israel, Christians need to be acquainted with God, and let Him lead in their lives.

Special: Gary Riler sang “Come Unto Jesus.”

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