Portland News

May 3, 2020

Sunday Morning Service

Prelude: Luke Copko played “The Lord’s Prayer” and “His Eye Is on the Sparrow” on the cello.

Scripture Reading: Darrel Lee read Jeremiah 31:10-14.

Special: Caleb, Luke, and Dale Copko sang “Jesus, I Believe What You Said.”

Testimony: Dale Copko shared how the Lord has taught him how to trust Him—when he received salvation, when his son had appendicitis, when another son had cellulitis, and when his daughter was hit by a car. He added that with what the world is facing today, there is a lot of fear and anxiety, but he knows God is in control and this is another great opportunity to trust Him.

Special: Christina Larrechea sang “Praise His Name.”

Scripture Reading: Dave Lambert read Psalm 84:1-12.

Special: The Copko trio sang “God On the Mountain.”

Sermon: Darrel Lee read Psalm 84:1-2 and reminded his listeners that although God desires for them to worship Him in church, He is not confined to a building. The church building does not help one in time of need; only the God who is worshipped in that building is able to help, but He is willing to do that as we approach Him.

Special: Arthur Ruiz (pictured above) sang “I Need You More” with “I Need Thee Every Hour.”

Watch the full service in the Media Center.