Portland News

June 21, 2020

Sunday Morning Service

The Sunday morning service on June 21 was interspersed with special music showing appreciation for our earthly dads as well as our Heavenly Father, and several dads with their families were able to enjoy the music in person by making a reservation.

The service began with a string quartet prelude of “Grace Greater than Our Sin” featuring Jaewon Yune, Mackenzie Ewers, Julianne Luka, and Andrea Gaston. Then Darrel Lee read Ecclesiastes 1:3-8 and 12:13.

The congregational singing included “This Is My Father’s World” with the reassuring lyrics, “The Lord is King, let the heavens ring.” This was followed by prayer, and then a vocal trio of Dan and Darla Hall, with their daughter Cheyenna, sang “My Debt Was Paid.”

Kristofer Tonning testified that he was raised in a Christian home, and from an early age recognized the value of the Gospel. He prayed and received salvation and is now the father of two. He said it is not always easy raising children, but the Lord helps him to make good decisions and exercise patience and understanding. He is hopeful that his children will see the value of the Gospel also and choose to serve the Lord as he did.

A music special of “The Father’s Song” was performed by the Moberg family: Peter, Laura, Julia, and Eli sang of God’s love while Claire accompanied on the clarinet. Then Brother Darrel read Matthew 18:1-5 for the Scripture reading, and before the message, Randy Kaady sang “My Heavenly Father Watches Over Me.”

Dave Lambert took his text from 1 John 3:1-3 and said God desires to have a personal relationship with each of us, and to be able to call us His children. However, for this to be possible, we must become like little children in our faith. He said children naturally are humble, honest, and trusting—all attributes that are necessary to repent, receive salvation, and live a life that is pleasing to God.

Following the service, Julianne Luka sang “I’d Rather Have Jesus,” and the service closed with prayer. Everyone in attendance had the opportunity to express their appreciation through prayer for both their earthly dads and Heavenly Father.

Watch the full service in the Media Center.