Portland News

July 19, 2020

Sunday Morning Service

Prelude: Jaewon Yune played “Meditation from Thais” and “It Is Well with My Soul” on the violin.

Scripture Reading: Dave Lambert read Psalm 46:1-7.

Special: Ellen and Ashley Morgan and Troy Ross sang “He’s Everything.”

Testimony: Ellen Morgan shared how she was brought to church from the time she was born, and how the Lord would call after her heart during her younger years. When she was in college, she attended Midwest camp meeting and the Lord again drew her. Finally, in the last young people’s service of camp, she prayed and gave her heart to Him. She is thankful that He puts a song in her heart every day, and shows her His love through the beauty of creation.

Special: Gary and Kristi Riler sang “Peace in the Midst of the Storm.”

Scripture Reading: Darrel Lee read Mark 10:46-52.

Special: Ashley Morgan sang “This Blood.”

Sermon: Dave Lambert preached from Proverbs 29:1, comparing physical vision to spiritual vision and describing things that can effect one’s spiritual vision such as responding to the light of God’s Word, and keeping focused on God and eternity rather than the cares of life.

Special: Heidi Copko (pictured above) sang “Sweet Hour of Prayer,” accompanied by Caleb Copko on the guitar.

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