Portland News

November 8, 2020

Sunday Morning Service

Prelude: The orchestra played “Decision Medley” and “Power in the Blood.”

Testimony: Lisa DeBusk, visiting from Chehalis, Washington, said her heart is full of praise in this month of thanksgiving, and that she gives thanks every day of the year. Her blessings go back to when she was a baby and was brought to church by her parents, and she attended continually as she grew up and made friends with the other young people at church. God saved her when she was in high school and has led her life ever since then.

First Special: Randy Baltzell and Gary Riler sang “He Came to Me.”

Scripture Reading: Darrel Lee read Luke 19:1-10.

Last Special: Sister Lisa sang “I’ll Be with Thee.”

Sermon: Dave Lambert began with the first three verses of Luke 19, relating the account of Zacchaeus to people’s lives today. He stated that anyone who desires to see Jesus can meet Him in prayer, but they need to do their part: just as Zacchaeus had to climb a tree to see above the crowd, people today need to put forth effort to see Him.

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