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June 1, 2019

Sunday School Picnic

The Sunday school Junior Department, led by Gary and Crystal Sletmoe, gathered on the campground Saturday, June 1, for a fun-filled picnic. This was an opportunity for students and teachers alike to become better acquainted and make new friends.

Students in grade levels four through seven began arriving at noon, and the air quickly filled with the sounds of young people chattering, laughing, and playing. After checking in, each student had the option of several activity zones, which were supervised by teachers. One zone was the gym, and about fifteen students headed there right away to start a basketball game. Joseph Azar was among them and commented, “This is fun. I like being with my friends.” Then he added a suggestion for the future: “Foursquare would be a good game to play next time.”

Outside the gym, the front lawn served as another activity zone where a variety of outdoor sports were offered. Volleyball was very popular, and at one time there were eight players to a team. Soccer and scoop ball were also well-liked, and attracted several players.

Board games were played in a third activity zone next to the Fellowship Lodge. Cousins Lana Polovin and Yana Tkachenko gravitated there and began playing Telestrations. Though they weren’t certain of the official rules, they said it was fun just to draw on the erasable boards. At a table nearby, a handful of students began a game that eventually drew a lively crowd. Susan Asaya explained, “We are having a good time in a never-ending game of Apples to Apples.” For the students who preferred a quieter activity, there were two-player games such as Battleship and Hangman.

About an hour into the fun and games, the students were called to the patio for lunch. After being led in prayer, they lined up for pizza, chips, and sparkling citrus water. This was followed a little later by brownies and ice cream for dessert.

The picnic ended at 3:00 p.m., and it was clear that everyone had a good time. Brothers Matthew and Mark Zagaryuk expressed the sentiment of most, saying, “We really liked this. We should do it again.”

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Portland Sunday School Picnic