Portland News

June 30, 2019

Sunday Youth Service

Prelude: The orchestra played “Revelation Song.” The choir followed by singing “To the King Medley.”

Featured Testimonies: Luk Arechy (pictured above) praised God for providing for his needs throughout the past year in amazing ways, and was thankful he graduated from college debt-free. Marcus Luka told how God has blessed him with a wonderful family and friends who have supported him through some changes since last camp meeting. Tim Odulaja told how he missed his flight on the way to camp meeting and did not have money for another ticket, but amazingly, the airlines gave him another ticket. Emmaline Worthington told how a few years ago she saw friends praising God at the altar and felt God calling her to pray, and He sanctified her that day. Cassy Mathews praised God for His presence in her hospital room last year as her dad read Scripture, which was a witness to him how real God is. John Adebayo told how God turned his life from nothing into a life of substance and blessings. Azaria Charles praised God for healing her and enabling her to sing. Emily Vanyi-Vive was thankful God provided a job for her.

First Special: Victoria Heintz and Emmaline Worthington sang “I Am Yours.”

Last Special: The choir sang “The Blood of Jesus,” with Kelsie Hopper as soloist.

Sermon: Erik Calhoun preached from Ephesians 3:14-17, and explained that the Apostle Paul encouraged believers to pray for a better understanding of their calling from God and to be strengthened by God’s Spirit to be better witnesses.

Watch the full service in the Media Center.