Portland News

July 14, 2019

Sunday Youth Service

Prelude: The youth orchestra played “10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord),” and “Since Jesus Came Into My Heart.” Austin Baltzell read Isaiah 55:7 and then the choir sang “Hear the Call.”

Featured Testimonies: Natalie Rael (pictured above) shared how she had stopped reading and praying, and let worldly things slip into her life but God cornered her up last December and saved her, taking away all the anger and hatred in her heart, and giving her a love for Him. Austin Baltzell said last Friday when he got off work at 11:45 p.m., his wife called and said she was still praying and asked him to come pray with her. He was tired but agreed to come, and God met them there, blessed them, and reanointed him. Emily Stewart was thankful God saved and sanctified her this camp meeting. Shannon Gonzales was thankful God answered a prayer for her this morning, just the way she had wished for. Gina Lepisto gave thanks for her faithful Christian parents who did many things to help ground her in the Gospel, and she has seen that the more obedient she is to God, the more blessings she receives.

First Special: Natalie Rael and Caleb Copko sang “Big Enough.”

Last Special: Emmaline Worthington sang “I Can Trust Jesus.”

Sermon: Stan Nyakuhwa, from Leicester, England, preached from Luke 19:1-10 and urged the young people to take this window of opportunity, the last youth service of camp meeting, to seek Jesus for the experiences they need.

Watch the full service in the Media Center.